Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spy Hidden Camera

It Is spy hidden camera.
You will see the camera preview,the picture to be taken behind a image it will look like you are seeing an wallpaper
and your can capture image just by touching anywhere in screen.

It will look like wallpaper.
touch any where on the screen to capture image.
You can view image in gallery and .picture/myspycamera folder.

Now no will know that you are taking picture or image you can take picture of any one anywhere.
You will have the preview of camera view but other will think that you are looking at wallpaper.Camera view is hidden
behind a image.
You can take picture,like a spy and know one will know you are taking pictures.
Wanna capture friends embarrassing moment without letting him know,use this spy camera and have fun.

Spy Hidden Camera you can download it here

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