Saturday, 24 May 2014

Live name Wallpaper

Live Name Wallpaper, It helps you to set your name on wallpaper or simple colour background which keeps flashing on screen.
The name keeps on animating on screen.It is one of the best customizable live name wallpaper.
It offers you to select different text size and text colour.You can choose different font style.
Background can be either image or selected .
it allows you to select number of times you want to display the given text on screen in single go.
It is very easy to use Name live wallpaper.

Goto Live Wallpapers to select this wallpaper or select it from the application menu
You can select text to display. using this name live wallpaper maker.
Text Size can be increase or decreases using this name live wallpaper.
Text Colour
Text Font
Set Background Image of your choice.,
Set background colour of you choice.
No of times text to be displayed on Single Screen.
You have option to select text animation on/off.

Download this app here--Live Name wallpaper

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